Historic Restorations

Ready to Restore Your Historic Home?

Ready to Restore Your Historic Home?

Offering historic restoration services in and around Hillsboro, OR

You should never let your historic home's condition decline. There's especially no excuse when you have Western Accents by your side. We offer historic restoration services in Hillsboro, OR and the surrounding areas. Since our historic home restoration team has worked with houses from the 1800s, you can rest assured we can easily restore yours.

Explore our process for restoring historic homes

While historic home restorations seem complex and tedious, we make them easy. You can expect us to:

  • Assess the historical context and condition of the surfaces
  • Remove existing layers of the paint without damaging the original substrate
  • Apply the restored paint layers with precision and attention to historical accuracy
From walls to trims, we can restore them all. Call us today to schedule historic restoration services. We look forward to becoming a part of your home's next chapter.