Wood and Shop Finishes

Whether you have kitchen cabinets, stained woodwork, or built-ins with clear or painted finishes, Western Accents is the right choice for your wood finishing project. We can finish almost any wood project, from ornate bars in restaurants to kitchens to exposed beams in commercial office buildings. Wood finishing is a very delicate process. Very few companies offer the in-depth experience that we do.


What sets us apart?

  • We know wood and which finish using for your particular need. Softwoods take finishes differently and require different finishing techniques than hardwoods. Some woods require the application of a “grain tamer” before they can be stained in order to maintain a beautifully finished piece.
  • We know the finishes. We know how they will perform over time for the best color uniformity and clear, beautiful finishes.
    Specialized equipment. It takes specialized equipment to work with delicate or historic wood finishes. Knowing what can be done and the right equipment to use is essential.
  • Easing the process. Many wood and metal coatings have very strong odors, and just really smell, whether they are considered “green” or not. We can recommend which finish would best suit your individual needs or desire.

Shop Finishes

  • Unlike many painting companies, we also have the ability to finish your wood projects in our own shop.

The advantages of shop finishes are many:

  • Expedites job-site time. No “down time” waiting for “paint to dry”.
  • Eliminates painting on-site so there is no sanding dust or odors in your environment.
  • Provides better control over the finishing environment in regard to moisture and temperature.
  • We work in virtually dust-free spray conditions which ensure a smooth finish.
  • Cost savings. Once your project is in our wood finishing shop, we can work on it as required allowing for drying intervals and re-sanding requirements, while saving time and man hours returning to your job site.