Curb Appeal Package

Designed to Help You Sell Your Home


Your home can go from Listed to SOLD! First impressions mean everything to homebuyers. It’s important that your property stand out from the competition.

Step 1: Interior and Exterior Paint:

We begin with a thorough assessment of your home’s interior and exterior paint. We will look at the condition and colors of the paint and give you a professional opinion on the visual impression. Everything may be fine, but if painting is recommended, we will offer solutions that take both your time requirements and your budget into consideration. At Western Accents Painting we understand just what it takes to increase curb appeal and value without breaking your budget.

Step 2: Kitchens, Bathroom and Utility Room Cabinets:

Replace or refinish? That’s the question. If you are preparing to sell your house, then you may want to consider cabinet refinishing rather than replacement. Your goal is to get your house sold with the least amount of additional expenses! Most often, the clear or painted finish is worn and in need of refinishing. The cost to refinish cabinets can in most cases, be recouped in the sale price of the home. In some instances, the cost to refinish is less than the increased value you can ask for your home, thus becoming an investment.

Western Accent’s professional personnel will visit your home, remove the cabinet doors and drawers and take them to our shop for refinishing. The cabinet boxes will be refinished on site while the doors and drawers are being refinished in our shop. The average time needed is 3-5 days, depending on the finish and quantity.

Previously stained cabinetry can be restored by simply applying a new clear finish or we can change the color from the existing color to a new, more modern color. Previously painted finishes can also be restored to either their original color or changed to a new color.

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