Should I get more than one painting bid?

Homeowners and project managers often get competing bids before deciding on the best painting company for their project. When getting multiple bids from contractors, however, be sure to give them all the same specifications for your project so that you can compare “apples to apples”. Also, please make sure you are working with a licensed and bonded painting contractor. Check on their record with the Construction Contractors Board and for homeowners, please make sure you are dealing with a reputable contractor before any money changes hands.

Do you offer color scheme advice?

We do not have designers on staff to assist with color choices. If you would like the help of a professional color designer, we can recommend two or three for you to choose from. Because we do have a great deal of expertise in applying coatings, we can often tell you if a color scheme or finish you are considering may present additional costs or difficulties, such as requiring extra coats for full coverage.

What can I do to prepare for work to begin?

For both interior and exterior painting projects, please clear the areas as much as possible and be sure to put fragile items in a safe place, well away from the areas to be painted.

For interior painting please remove pictures and wall hangings. If they are to be returned to the same location after painting, please leave the hangers in place. Otherwise, the nail holes will be filled prior to painting. Please disconnect all electronic devices such as audio/visual equipment and computers.

For exterior painting projects, please identify any plants or shrubbery that should require special attention. Western Accents personnel will do everything in their power to protect landscaping during the painting process, but the possibility of damage does exist and it may be best to temporarily transplant shrubbery to avoid accidental damage.

When spraying, we do everything in our power to mask and cover anything in the spray zone (such as cars in the driveway or shrubs), but anything you can do to protect your treasures (such as moving your car well away from the spray zone) is an added measure of security for you.

Once we start, can I change my mind?

Of course you can, but keep in mind that changes often require more work hours and more materials. Changing to another paint color in mid-project means cleaning out painting equipment such as sprayers and may also mean extra masking. If this is the case, we will give you a change order to our estimate to approve in advance.

What if I’m not sure how many colors or what trim I want accented?

Give us your best guess and then tell us it’s just a guess. Before starting your project, we will give you estimates on any change orders you want to make to the original estimate.

What if I’m not clear about something?

If you have any concerns about the project or if you aren’t clear about the exact terms of the bid (such as whether a certain decorative detail will be painted in trim or accent color), please ask your Western Accents team member as soon as possible, and we’ll get it squared away. Again, good communication throughout the job is ultra-important and we’re happy to take whatever time is needed to make sure your concerns and questions are answered.

Do I need to leave the site while you’re painting?

Generally, it’s fine for you to stay while we’re painting. Most of the paints and coatings we use are low VOC and have very little odor. When sanding interior projects, we mask off openings to keep the dust in as small an area as possible. On exterior paint projects, you may have to live with your windows covered for a few days—some people find this a bit claustrophobic and prefer to be elsewhere while that painting is going on.

But I have children…

We love kids. Many of our painters have children of their own. But paint projects and kids aren’t the best combination. For sake of your children and everyone’s safety, it’s best to keep kids well away from the work areas. Ditto for cats, dogs and other pets.

Can I schedule other contractors while you’re working?

It depends. Consult your Western Accents team leader and we’ll see if we can accommodate you. Important note: If our work depends on other work being completed (such as carpentry or roofing), please let us know at the time of estimating and keep us updated so we can dovetail our schedule with the other job.